Participant Information

Equine-Assisted Services (EAS)

Equine-Assisted Therapies of South Florida offers a variety of programs that can be beneficial in a number of ways.  A physical, cognitive, or emotional special need does not limit a person from interacting with horses.  Research shows that individuals of all ages who participate in EAS can experience cognitive, physical and emotional rewards.

Intake & Waiting List Information

All potential or interested participants must complete the EATSF intake process in order to be placed on our Waiting List for services. 

Click the button below to start the EATSF intake process. Once a valid email address is provided, you will receive a verification email from By clicking through the verification email, you may complete the Intake Form immediately.  The link within your verification email expires after fifteen (15) days.

By providing your email address, you are opting to share sensitive and medically relevant information with EATSF personnel to assist in the intake process.  Your email address will not be used for any other purpose.  All data is encrypted and secure. Once the Initial Intake Form has been received, the potential participant is automatically added to the EATSF Waiting List unless questions have been asked within the Form.

If you would like to purge your data from our system at a later date please click here to email the EATSF Program Team.

Potential participants can complete an Initial Intake Form at any age.  It is important to note that all programs start at age 4, with the exception of Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy, which starts at age 7.

Enrollment Information

Enrollment into the EATSF program takes place throughout the calendar year, and potential participants are pulled from the EATSF Waiting List to begin the enrollment process. 

Once a participant is enrolled in the EATSF program, everyone becomes part of the “barn family.” Enrollment occurs annually and a new Program Application, including Medical History is required for every participant with a $25.00 processing fee. 

The EATSF Program Team develops lesson plans for each lesson, and tracks participant progress through corresponding progress notes that follow the participant throughout their time in the EATSF program.

Returning Participants

You already know the drill! A new Program Application, with Medical History is required annually as well as the $25.00 processing fee.  Requests for schedule changes must be made at least 5 weeks prior to the start of a session.

Financial Assistance

EATSF believes that everyone should have access to our programs. Cost should not be a barrier to participation. Throughout the year, EATSF solicits support from individuals, businesses and foundations to provide scholarships for families in need. 

Once accepted into the program, an application for scholarship may be requested. Scholarship funds are limited, and award amounts vary.

EATSF does not accept insurance and does not perform third-party medical billing. 

Financial assistance is offered for all programs, except for Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy.